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21 2018 42권 6호

구강내 발생한 임상적, 방사선학적 악성 및 조직병리학적 양성 병소

저자 오현준1, 전재호, 명훈


Differential diagnosis of the malignant lesion and the benign lesion is critically important for the precise treatment. A clinician should diagnose in a comprehensive manner considering clinical, radiological, and histopathological perspectives. The lesion in the oral cavity in this study was clinically and radiologically malignant. However, the lesion was histopathologically benign. Surgical intervention was not performed except biopsy. The lesion improved after about one month of supportive medication after the biopsy. The importance of decision making process was emphasized in this report.

20 2018 42권 6호

백악-골화 섬유종에서 보이는 동맥류성 낭종변화의 면역조직화학염색 배열분석

저자 이상신, 김연숙, 이석근


A 31 years old female had been suffered from a bony swelling in right premolar region of the mandible for 12 years, recently grown rapidly. A fistula tract developed on the right anterior mandibular border, but the lesion was relatively asymptomatic. On the radiological examination, the tumor mass was irregularly mixed with radiolucent and radiopaque areas, forming multiple cystic spaces. Under the diagnosis of calcifying odontogenic cyst, the mandibular mass was resected and examined pathologically. After decalcification, the dissected tumor mass showed multiple small cystic spaces and calcifying fibrous tissue, mimicking calcifying odontogenic cyst or ameloblastoma. Histological observation showed many calcifying cementoid materials and ossifying trabeculae. The cystic spaces were turned out to be dilated vascular channels lined by endothelial cells, containing plasma fluid. However, the main lesion was diagnosed as cemento-ossifying fibroma (COF), and the atypical vascular channels were greatly dilated and gradually expanded the whole tumor mass. The present COF was examined through immunohistochemical (IHC) array, and investigated for tumor cell characteristics, exhibiting abnormal ossification and aneurysmal cystic changes. IHC array disclosed that the tumor cells grew progressively in the lack of apoptosis, and that they showed lower expression of RUNX2 than BMP-2, RANKL, and OPG, and increases of protein expression in HIF-1α, VEGF-A, and CMG2. These data suggested that the reduced expression of RUNX2, osteoblast differentiation factor, be relevant to abnormal ossification of COF, and that the consistent expressions of angiogenesis factors be relevant to de novo angiogenesis in COF, subsequently resulted in aneurysmal cystic changes.

19 2018 42권 6호

Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization에 이환된 환자의 상악 정중과잉치 발거

저자 배상용, 라지영, 이제우


The supernumerary tooth which is extra tooth in comparison to normal dentition is one of the developmental problems. The most common type of supernumerary tooth is mesiodens which may cause several complications like delayed eruption, crowding, spacing et al. Moral Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH) describes the clinical appearance of enamel hypomineralization of systemic origin affecting one or more permanent first molars that associated frequently with affected incisors. We report a case of a 6 – year – old boy who visited our clinic for removal of mesiodentes. The patient was diagnosed by mesiodentes and MIH by clinical examination and radiographic examination. Under local anesthesia, Mesiodentes were removed surgically. The demarcated opacities, a feature of MIH, were observed in the removed mesiodentes. After removal of mesiodentes, the maxillary central incisors erupted normally and in order to manage the teeth affected MIH, follow-up and fluoride varnish application were done every 3 months.

18 2018 42권 6호

구강점막에 발생한 호지킨림프종의 증례보고 및 문헌고찰

저자 이은수, HE YUZHU, 조혜중, SUN QIAOCHU, SHI SHUHAN, 김영, 김옥준


Extranodal intraoral Hodgkin lymphoma is not common. We report the case of a 78-year-old male patient with ulcer of the mandibular oral mucosa that was not cured for about 3 weeks. In biopsy and histopathologic examination, it was found to be extranodal intraoral Hodgkin lymphoma. Early diagnosis of oral lesions led to early detection of lesions of the opposite neck lymph node in an additional PET-CT scan. We report this case and review relevant literature.

17 2018 42권 6호

점액표피양암종 세포주에서 Kochia scoparia 추출물의 세포자멸과 자가포식 유도 효과

저자 도미향, 유미현, 김욱규


Natural products are vastly utilized as a source of chemotherapeutic agents for human cancers. Kochia scopraia is traditionally used for the cure of urological and dermatological diseases. Recently, methanol extract of Kochia scoparia (MEKS) has been shown to have anti-cancer activity to various human cancers. However, there is no report demonstrating the anti-cancer activity of MEKS in human mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC) cells. In this study, the authors studied the effects of MEKS on the cell proliferation and underlying mechanism in YD15 human MEC cells. MEKS decreased YD15 cell proliferation proven by trypan blue exclusion assay and induced apoptosis, evidenced by cell cycle analysis and western blotting. Autophagy induction by MEKS was verified by western blotting. In addition, MEKS regulated the expression of phosphorylated Akt, phosphorylated p38 and Nrf2 protein. This results can imply that MEKS might be a potential candidate for the treatment of human MEC cells.

16 2018 42권 6호

Mats1과 Mats2 이중결손 유전자 돌연변이에 의한 골감소증 기전에 대한 연구

저자 오주환, 최윤정, 유미현, 배문경, 김형준


The Hippo pathway was originally discovered in Drosophila by genetic screening and it has been shown to be conserved in various organisms including human. Until now, the essential roles of Hippo pathway in regulating cell proliferation, apoptosis, tumorigenesis, and organ size control is extensively studied. Currently, Mats1/2 (Mob1a/1b), one of the important components in Hippo pathway, mutant mice were generated which has abnormal phenotype such as resistance to apoptosis and spontaneous tumorigenesis. Of note, Mats1/2 mutant mice also showed dental malocclusion. Therefore, in this study, we have evaluated the bone phenotype of Mats1/2 mutant mice. Although the mRNA expressions of Mats1 or Mats2 were observed in both osteoclastogenesis and osteoblastogenesis, the increase of Mats1 level was most prominent during osteoblastogenesis. The RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation from bone marrow-derived macrophages (BMMs) was unaltered upon Mats1/2 mutation; however, the osteoblast differentiation using calvarial pre-osteoblasts was significantly reduced in Mats1/2 mutant mice compare to that of wild type mice. In accordance with in vitro results, Mats1/2 mutant mice showed decreased bone volume as well as increased trabecular separation in μCT analyses. These results may provide novel prospect of the probable linkage between Hippo pathway and bone homeostasis.

15 2018 42권 4호

협점막에서 발생한 선편평상피암 증례

저자 박슬마로, 최성환, 조은애산드라, 김현실, 김형준


Oral adenosquamous carcinoma (ASC) is a rare and aggressive type of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). It is characterized by a squamous component originating at the mucosa and a deep glandular component. ASC may be misdiagnosed as SCC by superficial incisional biopsy including only the squamous component. ASC has a worse prognosis than general variants of SCC, so accurate diagnosis is essential for patient survival. We present a case report of a large ASC arising in the buccal mucosa, first mistaken as general SCC.

14 2018 42권 4호

경부 림프절 전이를 모방한 이소성 갑상선 증례

저자 권순모, 송상현, 조은애산드라, 김현실, 남웅


Cervical neck dissection is a frequent technique during treatment for oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Occasionally, specimens harvested as cervical lymph nodes reveal thyroid tissue and need differentiation with metastatic thyroid cancer and ectopic thyroid tissue. Here, we report a case of an ectopic thyroid tissue with lymphocytic thyroiditis mimicking thyroid cancer metastasis at the cervical lymph node.

13 2018 42권 4호

조혈세포이식 후 재발한 백혈병 환자의 혀 종물

저자 최성환, 박슬마로, 김현실, 조은애산드라


Oral examination in a patient with a history of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) needs considerations of leukemia relapse and graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). Oral manifestations may contribute to early detection of relapse or systemic complications making accurate oral examination and diagnosis significant. We report a case of a large tumor like mass arising in a patient with a history of ALL and HCT. The patient had been diagnosed with ALL relapse and was being treated with chemotherapy, and furthermore was suspected of GVHD development.

12 2018 42권 4호

치과 임상에서 조직유도재생술의 의미

저자 장현선


Guided tissue regeneration(GTR) is regenerative operating technique at dental clinic. The vertical bone defect can be treated by GTR. The purpose of this study is to present the importance of GTR at dental clinic. The vertical bone defect was observed on distal side of mandibular right 2nd molar. The patient had been treated scaling, root planing and GTR. Both nonresorbable occluding membrane and resorbable occluding membrane can be used as GTR operation. The former was used in this study. Nonresorbable occluding membrane can exclude epithelial cells from healing defect. The Bio-Oss bone graft used at GTR operation. A radiograph demonstrates that the regenerative part was observed by GTR. In conclusion, GTR operating effect has importance on vertical defect at dental clinic.

11 2018 42권 3호

하악에 발생한 골아세포종 : 증례 보고

저자 신우진, 이한얼, 김문영


Osteoblastoma(OB) is a rare tumor of bone representing less than 1 % of all tumors of the maxillofacial region. The lesion usually appears in vertebral column, sacrum, long bones but rare in mandible or maxilla. The lesion occurs most commonly at age from 3 to 78 years with the mean age of 22-23 years. In this article, we report one case of OB occurred in mandible. With clinical examination and radiological diagnosis, preliminary diagnosis was made as Fibro-osseous lesion, osteomyelitis or cementoblastoma. Under general anesthesia, associated tooth was extracted and excisional biopsy was done. After microscopic examination, it was diagnosed as OB. The patients which we presented did not complain any specific complications, and showed good prognosis.

10 2018 42권 3호

히알루론산 함량에 따른 유분・수분 변화 및 만족도 조사

저자 류혜란, 이종헌


Hyaluronic acid is natural polysaccharide existing around skin or cartilage, and is known as a moisturizing factor. It is expected that hyaluronic acid cosmetics market will continue to grow in the future, as its use and demand increases, like medical supplies and health food besides cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid. However, There are few present studies on content in cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid. The purpose of this study was to evaluate satisfaction and examine what effect was produced on sebum and moisture in skin after applying to cosmetics the hyaluronic acid helpful in maintaining moisture in skin at 5%, 20% and 50% concentration. For 71 days, a clinical trial in a total 39 persons living in the national capital region was carried out. And sebum and moisture was measured through skin diagnosis system A-ONE TAB before trial and each day when clinical trial was conducted for hyaluronic acid content group. Besides, this study was to examine subjects' general characteristics, eating habits, and living habits, and satisfaction after the clinical trial. This study analyzed a difference according to the time to measure the skin condition among hyaluronic acid content groups by utilizing statistical package program SPSS v. 21.0 through data coding and data cleaning process. There was no statistically significant difference in hyaluronic acid content according to any of demographic characteristics, eating habits and living habits among groups (p>.05). With regard to hyaluronic acid content, there was no statistically significant difference in moisture and sebum prior to clinical trial in T zone and U zone among groups (p>.05). A change of moisture in T zone among groups according to hyaluronic acid content showed statistically significant difference in the 2nd week (F=3.636, p<.05). And the highest level was shown in 50%(44.15±2.672), being followed by 20%(43.15±2.340), and 5%(41.62±2.219). Accordingly, it was shown that, as hyaluronic acid content relatively increased, the moisture in T zone increased. In the results of analyzing the change of moisture in U zone, the change of sebum in T zone and U zone by group according to hyaluronic acid content, no statistically significant difference was shown in sebum level of T zone by group(p>.05). For analyzing the subjective satisfaction after clinical trial among groups according to hyaluronic acid content, satisfaction score was the highest in 'skin moistness' (4.38±0.650) for 5% group, 'skin moistness' (4.69±0.480) for 20% group and 'skin texture smoothness' (4.54±0.519) for 50% group. And no statistically significant difference was shown in each subjective satisfaction by group according to hyaluronic acid content(p>.05). It was thought that the results of skin condition and subjective satisfaction survey according to hyaluronic acid content would be baseline data for developing cosmetics containing the hyaluronic acid and marketing a skin moisturizer.